DRAFT 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update

Goodhue County’s Land Use Management Department Staff are currently assisting the County’s Planning Commission to develop a draft document to update the Goodhue County Comprehensive Plan.

We aim to inform and engage citizens about county issues and represent their thoughts and opinions in the decision making process.
You can find out more about the Draft 2016 Comprehensive Plan at the link below.

Comprehensive Plan Open House April 20, 2016

Goodhue County’s Land Use Management Department is responsible for the current and future land uses in Goodhue County. The department's goal is to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the people of Goodhue County by enforcing ordinances, codes, and statutes in regards to the County’s land resources. The Land Use Management Department consists of the Building Code, Planning, and Zoning divisions. 
  See the current 2004 Goodhue County Comprehensive Plan
Regional Planning, in general, is a process by which a community defines a vision for its future growth and revitalization. Much of the work of Planners is the implementation of that vision, defined in a Comprehensive Plan. Goodhue County has a beautifully unique landscape that warrants the strong commitment on the part of County officials to protect and enhance its resources. The County is committed to the tradition of a strong agricultural economy, along with orderly development in appropriate locations. Its strategic location between the Twin Cities and the Rochester metropolitan areas also plays an important part in the future growth of the County.