Learn About...

  1. Communicable Diseases

    Educate yourself and others on the risks and safety precautions to take in regards to communicable diseases.

  2. Court Classes & Programs

    Learn about the different courses and programs that are put on through the court system.

  3. Crime Prevention

    Utilize crime prevention tips by reading through this resource.

  4. Health Care Programs

    Gain information on some of the health care programs that exist in Goodhue County.

  5. Historic Places & Facts

    Read through interesting pieces of information that discuss Goodhue County history.

  6. Immunizations

    Obtain more information on the immunization process and related topics.

  7. Mental Health Services

    Find out what kind Mental Health Services are available in Goodhue County.

  8. Projects Requiring Building Permits

    See a list of projects that may require a building permit to complete.

  9. Recycling

    Educate yourself on the topic of recycling.