Apply For...

  1. 3.2% Malt Liquor License (Beer)

    Find out how to apply for a license to sell beer.

  2. Absentee Voter Ballot

    Discover how you can apply to receive a absentee ballot in order to vote.

  3. Auctioneer License

    Gain information on how to get licensed to perform auctioneer services.

  4. Building Permit

    Find out how to apply for a building permit.

  5. Child Support

    Take the steps necessary to apply for child support.

  6. County Job

    Apply for an available county position by seeing the job listings.

  7. Day Care/Foster Care License

  8. Death Certificates

    Review the process for applying for a death certificate.

  9. Firearm Permit

    Find out what it takes in order to complete the firearm permit process.

  10. Fireworks Display Permit

    Apply for a license to be a fireworks vendor.

  11. Liquor License

    Apply to receive your liquor license.

  12. Medical Assistance

  13. Passport

    Research the passport application process.

  14. Precious Metal Dealer License

    Obtain information on how to apply for a Precious Metal Dealer License.

  15. Tobacco License/Gambling Permit

  16. Transient Merchant License

    Get your Transient Merchant License by completing the application process.