The County Surveyor and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Office work closely together to provide many services. The mission of the GIS office is to develop, implement, and maintain a GIS database for the county departments, local government agencies, private companies, and the general public.
Role of GIS Specialist
The County GIS Specialist is responsible for acquiring the necessary data for the county, performing quality analysis checks to ensure its accuracy and source information, and for the maintenance of the GIS system. The resulting GIS will create an effective land records management system that facilitates information gathering and provides accurate and timely information to the county departments and the public.

Aiding the Public
The GIS will aid the county in making long range decisions and provide the necessary tools for county crisis management, emergency response and public protection.

The Goodhue County GIS was the recipient of ESRI's Special Achievement in GIS Award for the year of 2010, as well as was the recipient of the Governor's Commendation Award in 2009.
Helpful Contacts
Main Goodhue County
  • Ph: 651-385-3000
GIS Data or Mapping Site Questions
  • For GIS data questions, call Alan Laumeyer at 651-385-3094
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