Other Building & Permitting Contacts

  • Township Zoning Approvals - Township approval of projects is required prior to county permit approval. Contact your Township Clerk.
  • Environmental Health Approvals - The Environmental Health Department administers state rules on wells and septic systems. Contact Jason Petersen at 651-385-6131.
  • Public Works Permits - Driveway permitting is through Goodhue County Public Works Department. Contact the County Public Works Department at 651-385-3025
  • Soil and Water Conservation District Office Reviews
    • Josh Finnesgard
      County Feedlot Officer
      Ph: 651-923-5286, ext. 111
    • Beau Kennedy
      Water Planner
      Ph: 651-923-5286, ext. 4
  • County Zoning and Land Use Approvals
    • Michael Wozniak
      County Planner and Zoning Administrator
      Ph: 651-385-3117
    • Kristi Gross
      Zoning Technician 
      Ph: 651-385-3102
    • Kate Eiynck
       Zoning Technician
      Ph: 651-385-3103
    • Benjamin Hoyt
       Zoning Technician
      Ph: 651-385-3113