1. Administration

    View administration information.

  2. Intake

    View a list of functions and activities for this area of the ADC.

  3. Kitchen

    Look up the details of the ADC kitchen.

  4. Laundry

    Learn how the detainees keep their laundry clean.

  5. Master Control

    Read about Master control, the nerve center of the facility.

  6. Medical Unit

    Learn more about the medical unit in the ADC.

  7. Unit A (Female Unit)

    Find out more about Unit A.

  8. Unit B

    Check out details of Unit B.

  9. Unit C (Work Release)

    Learn more about the work release program.

  10. Unit D (Disciplinary Segregation)

    Find out more about Unit D.

  11. Unit E (Maximum & Medium Classifications)

    Research information on the main housing unit of the ADC.

  12. Unit F (Low & Minimum Classifications)

    Obtain information on the low security section of the detention center.

  13. Visiting

    Check out the visiting booths.