Healthy Communities

Key Principles for the Healthy Communities Division
  • Use of the Center for Disease Control's Social Ecological Model as a basis for prevention work
  • Focus on upstream causes of chronic disease such as the focus on nutrition and physical activity rather than cancer or heart disease
  • Active engagement of community to share ownership of work and increase impact
  • Health equity or striving for the highest level of health for all residents
  • Implementation of the following:
    • Evidence based programs to assure efforts have impact
    • Policy interventions that have an impact on everyone and make the policy the default for all
    • System interventions that change the way we do something and therefore affects everyone in that system
    • Environmental interventions that change the physical infrastructure of a community to make the healthy choice the easy choice
Health Communities Division Work
The division works towards the completion of the following goals:
  • Implementation of “population or community” strategies that assist residents in making healthy choices where they live, learn, work, and play.
  • Collaboration and partnerships with other organizations and community groups around health issues
  • Quality improvement activities
  • Development of performance measures and outcomes for programs and services
  • Toward Zero Death (TZD) Grant
  • Minnesota Department of Health Tobacco Free Communities Grant - 4 Corners Partnership
  • ClearWay Minnesota Grant - 4 Corners Partnership
  • SHIP Grant - SHIP Program
  • Providing statistical and community data to organizations throughout the county
  • Local Assessment and Planning - Community Health Assessment Priority Report 2012
  • Implementation of health priorities - Currently in process are the following:
    • Chemical Health
    • Driving Behaviors
    • Economic Health
    • Family and Parenting
    • Health Insurance Concerns

    • Lack of Exercise
    • Mental Health
    • Obesity
    • Transportation Options
    • Unhealthy Eating Habits