1. Administration

    View the roles of those currently serving in Administration Department of Goodhue County.

  2. Attorney

    Learn about the county attorney's office which represents the county on legal matters and prosecutes criminal matters on behalf of the State of Minnesota in Goodhue County.

  3. Court Services

    See how Court Services provides professional services for the First Judicial District.

  4. Court Administration

    District Court Administration processes filings for civil, criminal, traffic, family, probate, and juvenile matters.

  5. Elections

    Find information regarding elections occurring in Goodhue County.

  6. Extension

    Discover the purpose of the Goodhue County Extension Office.

  7. Finance & Taxpayer Services

    Learn about the county's taxation, assessment, election, and financial reporting services.

  8. Facilities / Maintenance

    Access the Facilities/Maintenance Department resource to see it's purpose and function.

  9. Health & Human Services

    Access the different aspects that make up the Health and Human Services Department.

  10. Human Resources

    Find employment information for Goodhue County via the Human Resources Department.

  11. Information Technology

    Find out the role of the Information Technology Department in Goodhue County.

  12. Land Use Management

    Gain information on the different aspects that make up the Land Use Management Department. Zoning, Building Code, and Environmental Health.

  13. Survey/GIS

    The County Surveyor/GIS department provides an integral link between land records, geographical data, and the graphical representation of that information.

  14. Public Works

    See the many areas of service that Public Works provides.

  15. Recorder's Office

    Find information on marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, passport info, and much more.

  16. Sheriff's Office

    Research the many areas of public safety the Sheriff's Offices provides.

  17. Veterans Service

    Learn how to contact Goodhue County Veterans Services for a variety of services.